The land of Marora was made of magic. There the beasts grew large and cunning and when the first men came to their shores, they found great predators capable of challenging even their machines and steel. The war between them might have destroyed them all if it weren’t for a sacrifice that bridged the gap between man and beast, and joined them as brothers for all time.

But from the northern valleys of the Wolf Clans to the red lands of the Empire of Eagles, the ancient bond is slowly unraveling. Feral wolves hunt for human prey in the snowy forests of the Red Tree Clan, and Marrok of the Wolves, along with his heart-brother First Fang, must embark on a quest to save their home and their people. In the faraway Empire of the Eagles, even the truth of the danger is buried under the labyrinthine politics of the Cloud Court. The Princess Iolië, bastard daughter of a dead Emperor, and her eagle Nuatolir will have to sacrifice their freedom and risk their lives for an empire that despises them, for a people they have never met, and for Marrok of the Wolves, who offers a political match not one of them ever wanted.