Breaking through the city walls

I am 200 words shy of 60,000, and I finally finished the last scene. I have been stuck for almost the entire month of March, mostly–I think–because I got derailed by my college class, and trying to get back on the track was just a pain. I am probably vastly oversensitive to such things, and all the bloggers I read would snort with derision that I am not so properly scheduled in my writing that I can’t organize myself into getting through it in less than a month, but it is what it is.

It was probably also difficult because it was kind of a filler section, showing how they got from point C to point D. I’ll probably do some thinking on such filler material at some point in the future, because while a lot of times it could be cut with no one the wiser–and maybe that is true in this case–sometimes I think it is called for.

But the upshot is this: we have finally reached the city, and now I get the fun of thinking about its history, planning out what it looks like, and picking out the little details that will make it unique. Most of what I come up with won’t make it into the text of the story, but I am so tempted to work on a map for this city. I hadn’t really given it much thought until now, but it’s suddenly burst into my head almost fully formed, and it looks so very cool in there. I want a map.


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