Let it be resolved

Happy New Year to all!

I have a number of important things I’d like to happen in 2018. Most of them are writing related, of course, but I don’t mind including a few personal goals in there.

  1. Finishing The Red Book.
    • The cover art completed.
    • Audiobook priced. (Audiobooks are expensive to produce, so I may not be able to publish this with the text book.)
    • At least half of The Green Book complete as a buffer.
  2. Go to the gym six times a week. (I was really good about this until August or so, but I’ve been slacking.)
  3. Run for an hour six days a week.
  4. Post in this blog at least twice a week, and reblog at least once.
  5. Do yoga at least five days a week.

What are your resolutions?

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