Sample 1 Posted!

The first excerpt from the Fireward series has been posted, under The Red Book. Future excerpts from that book will be posted there as well; we have ten episodes to go before the Red Book is complete, and I am just finishing episode two. I’m not sure right now how many excerpts I intend to post; one scene per episode? Or a few selected scenes from the entire book? So many things to consider. In any case, it’s exciting to put it up for the world to see, and also hopefully gives me another kick in the pants to keep going with the story.

In other news, I am 40,421 words in, but it’s not because I only wrote 100 words this past week. I took some time to re-plot this last scene (it’s a very important one) and scrapped what I had before. It’s definitely not fantastic, but for Christmas week, I’ll take it.

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