The First Post

It’s always hard to start a blog. It’s even harder when you’ve done it five, six, possibly seven times before. The empty page looks daunting, and it’s hard to figure out what to say about yourself.

This is a writing blog. I am a writer. I have been since I was maybe nine or ten, and attempted to include my brother and sister in the new project by asking them to come up with monsters for my heroes to kill. At thirteen I had an epic fantasy novel planned; at eighteen I had trilogy, and by twenty-four or so I had a backlist of stories to be written that has continued to expand to this day.

I have finished two novel-length stories. I have gotten to about 40,000 words on three others. I have written fanfiction, poetry, short fiction, speculative fiction, and attempted novellas that almost inevitably expanded to unfinished novels. At this point I don’t doubt my ability to plot and tell a good story. I just doubt my ability to sit down and finish the thing.

So in addition to the inevitable business reasons a writer might have to start a blog, this is also an attempt to track my own progress, keep myself accountable, and find some inspiration. It’s also a way to connect with fellow writers and hopefully discuss some interesting subjects, because the one thing writers like more than writing is talking about writing.


  1. Two blog posts a week.
  2. A third blog post that may link to someone else’s content.
  3. One finished scene per week.

As of today I am 40,341 words into this series, working on the last scene in the second episode. This time next week, I’ll update with the word count again.

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